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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Sorption of Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon in ZSM-5 with different SiO2/Al2O3 Ratios: Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Simulation and Volumetric MeasurementsSethia, Govind; Pillai, Renjith S.; Ganga, P.; Dangi, P.; Somani, Rajesh S.; Bajaj, Hari C.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2007Sorption of N2, O2, and Ar in Mn(II)-Exchanged Zeolites A and X Using Volumetric Measurements and Grand Canonical Monte Carlo SimulationJince, Sebastian; Pillai, Renjith S.; Peter, Sunil A.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2009Sorption of Nitrobenzene from Aqueous Solution on Organoclays in Batch and Fixed-Bed SystemsPatel, Hasmukh A.; Bajaj, Hari C.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2011Sorption of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon in Cd (II) exchanged zeolite X: volumetric equilibrium adsorption and grand canonical Monte Carlo studyPillai, Renjith S.; Sebastian, Jince; Jasra, Raksh V.
2011Sr2รพ Exchanged Zeolite X as an Adsorbent Material for Chromatographic Separation of Argon-Oxygen Gaseous MixturePeter, Sunil A.; Moharir, Arun S.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2009Sulfonic acid functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for the synthesis of chromenes from chromanolsKureshy, Rukhsana I.; Irshad Ahmad; Pathak, Kavita; Khan, N.H; Abdi, Sayed H.R.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2008Synthesis and Characterization of Mg-Al-CO3 Layered Double Hydroxide for CO2 AdsorptionSharma, Ulka; Tyagi, Beena; Jasra, Raksh V.
2007Synthesis and characterization of organic bentonite using Gujarat and Rajasthan claysPatel, Hasmukh A.; Somani, Rajesh S.; Bajaj, Hari C.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2011Synthesis of 2-Ethylhexanal from Propylene in a Single Pot Using an Ecofriendly Multifunctional Catalyst Synthesized by Intercalation of HRhCO(TPPTS)3 Complex in the Interlayer Space of HydrotalciteSharma, Sumeet K.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2009Synthesis of 2-methylpentanol from ethylene in single pot using eco-friendly HRhCO(PPh3)3 supported on activated hydrotalcite as a multi-functional catalystSharma, Sumeet K.; Parikh, Parimal A.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2007Synthesis of 7-substituted 4-methyl coumarins by Pechmann reaction using nano-crystalline sulfated-zirconiaTyagi, Beena; Mishra, Manish K.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2008Synthesis of jasminaldehyde using magnesium organo silicate as a solid base catalystSharma, Sumeet K.; Patel, Hasmukh A.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2006Synthesis of nopol from b-pinene using ZnCl2 impregnated Indian MontmorilloniteYadav, Mukesh K.R.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2010Synthesis of Organoclays with Controlled Particle Size and Whiteness from Chemically Treated Indian BentonitePatel, Hasmukh A.; Somani, Rajesh S.; Bajaj, Hari C.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2010Synthesis of Polyaluminum Chloride Using Alternative and Simple Ultrasonic Vibration SystemTrivedi, Kunal N.; Boricha, Arvind B.; Bajaj, Dr. Hari C.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2008The synthesis of silica-supported chiral BINOL: Application in Ti-catalyzed asymmetric addition of diethylzinc to aldehydesPathak, Kavita; Irshad, Ahmad; Abdi, Sayed H.R.; Kureshy, Rukhsana I.; Khan, Noor-ul H.; Jasra, Raksh V.
27-Dec-2011Synthetic talc as a solid base catalyst for condensation of aldehydes and ketonesPatel, Hasmukh A.; Sharma, Sumeet K.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2008Synthetic talc as a solid base catalyst for condensation of aldehydes and ketonesPatel, Hasmukh A.; Sharma, Sumeet K.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2006Transition Metal Ion Impregnated Mesoporous TiO2 for Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Contaminants in WaterTayade, Rajesh J.; Kulkarni, Ramchandra G.; Jasra, Raksh V.
2008Vanadium(V) Salen Complex Catalyzed Highly Enantioselective Cyanoformylation of Aldehydes in the Presence of Imidazole as a CocatalystKhan, Noor-ul H.; Agrawal, Santosh; Kureshy, Rukhsana I.; Abdi, Sayed H.R.; Jeyaprathap, K.; Jasra, Raksh V.
Showing results 78 to 97 of 97
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