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2013Asymmetric cyanoethoxy carbonylation reaction of aldehydes catalyzed by a TiIV macrocyclic complex: An efficient synthetic protocol for -Blocker and 1-Adrenergic receptor agonistsSadhukhan, Arghya; Choudhary, Manoj K; Khan, Noor-ul H; Kureshy, Rukhsana I; Abdi, Sayed H R; Bajaj, Hari C
2012Asymmetric hydrolytic kinetic resolution with recyclable macrocyclic CoIII-salen complexes: A practical strategy in the preparation of (R)-Mexiletine and (S)Propranolol.Sadhukhan, Arghya; Khan, Noor-ul H; Roy, Tamal; Kureshy, Rukhsana I; Abdi, H R. Sayed; Bajaj, Hari. C
12-Apr-2012C-2-Symmetric recyclable organocatalyst for enantioselective Strecker reaction for the synthesis of Alpha-Amino acid and Chiral diamine- an intermediate for APN inhibitorSaravanan, S; Sadhukhan, Arghya; Khan, Noor-ul H; Kureshy, Rukhsana I; Abdi, Sayed H R; Bajaj, Hari C.
14-May-2012Immobilized dimeric chiral Mn(III) salen complex on short channel ordered mesoporous silica as an effective catalyst for the epoxidation of non-functionalized alkenesRoy, Tamal;a I.; Kureshy, Rukhsan Khan; Noor-ul H.; Abdi, Sayed H R.; Sadhukhan, Arghya; Bajaj, Hari C
2010Ionic liquid as catalytic and reusable media for cyanoethoxycarbonylation of aldehydesKhan, Noor-ul H.; Agrawal, Santosh; Kureshy, Rukhsana I.; Abdi, Sayed H.R.; Sadhukhan, Arghya; Pillai, Renjith S.; Bajaj, Hari C.
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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