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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Formation of Hybrid Water-Chloride Structure with Discrete Undecameric Water Self-Assembly in a Heptaprotonated OctaaminoLakshminarayanan, P.S.; Suresh, E.; Ghosh, Pradyut
2006Formation of novel polycyclic cage compounds through ‘uncaging’ of readily accessible higher cage compoundsJames, Beena; Rath, Nigam P.; Suresh, E.; Naira, Mangalam S.
2007Friedel–Crafts alkylation of a cage enone: synthesis of aralkyl substituted tetracyclo[[2,6].0[4,8]]undeca-9,11-diones and the formation of fascinating novel cage compounds with pyrrole and thiophene using Montmorillonite K-10James, Beena; Suresh, E.; Nair, Mangalam S.
2009Hydrogen bonded helices: Synthesis, crystal structure and self-assembled microtubesMosae, Selvakumar P.; Suresh, E.; Subramanian, P.S.
2007Iodine assisted palladium catalyzed ring opening of bicyclic hydrazines with organoboronic acids: stereoselective synthesis of functionalized cyclopentenes and alkylidene cyclopentenesAnas, S.; John, Jubi; Sajisha, V.S.; John, Joshni; Rajan, Rani; Suresh, E.; Radhakrishnan, K.V.
2011Isothiocyanate and selenocyanate complexes of Cu(II) Ni(II), and Co(II) with a pyridylpyrazole-based ligand: synthesis, characterization, and structureZala, Mahendrasinh; Suresh, E.; Kumar, Sujit B.
2004Model for type 2 Cu(II) oxidase structure reactivity correlation studies on some mononuclear Cu(X–Salmeen)Imcomplexes, where X = H, Cl and Im = Imidazole molecular association, electronic spectra and ascorbic oxidationSubramanian, P.S.; Suresh, E.; Dastidar, P.
2008Molecules to supermolecules and self assembly a study of some cocrystals of cyanuric acidMarivel, S.; Suresh, E.; Pedireddi, V. R.
27-Dec-2011Molecules to supermolecules and self assembly a study of some cocrystals of cyanuric acidMarivel, S.; Suresh, E.; Pedireddi, V.R.
2008New macrocyclic Cu(II)-bischelates with paddle wheel Cu2-acetate cageMosae, Selvakumar P.; Suresh, E.; Subramanian, P.S.
2008Novel 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of calix[4]bis(spirodienones):synthesis of isoxazolidine derived macrocyclesGanga, V.B.; Suresh, E.; Varma, Luxmi R.
2006A Perfect Linear Cu-NNN-Cu Unit Inside the Cryptand Cavity and Perchlorate Entrapment within the Channel Formed by the Cascade ComplexRavikumar, I.; Suresh, E.; Ghosh, Pradyut
2007Reaction of TPP-azodicarboxylate zwitterions and aryl aldehydes: unprecedented synthesis of acyl carbamatesNair, Vijay; Mathew, Smitha C.; Biju, A.T.; Suresh, E.
2011Receptor design and extraction of inorganic fluoride ion from aqueous mediumDas, Priyadip; Mandal, Amal K.; Kesharwani, Manoj K.; Suresh, E.; Ganguly, Bishwajit; Das, Amitava
2006Recognition of Water-Acetonitrile-Water Cluster in a Tetraprotonated Picrate Salt of OctaaminocryptandRavikumar, I.; Lakshminarayanan, P.S.; Suresh, E.; Ghosh, Pradyut
2006Regioselective Synthesis of Novel 7-5-8-Fused Oxabridged Tricyclic Molecules via Consecutive Dipolar Cycloaddition of Pentafulvenes with 3-Oxidopyrylium um betainesSyamkrishnan, K.; Suresh, E.; Mathew, Saumini; Radhakrishnan, K.V.
2008A Rhodamine-Based Chemosensor that Works in the Biological SystemMoorthy, Suresh; Shrivastav, Anupama; Mishra, Sandhya; Suresh, E.; Das, Amitava
2007A Simple and Efficient Strategy Towards Eleven-Membered Carbocycles via Novel Synthetic Transformations of PentafulvenesSyamkrishnan, K.; Kuthanapillil, Jinesh M.; Rajan, Rani; Suresh, E.; Radhakrishnan, K.V.
2009Single stranded helical supramolecular architecture with a left handed helical water chain in ternary copper(II) tryptophan/diamine complexesMosae, Selvakumar P.; Suresh, E.; Subramanian, P.S.
2007Six coordinate Ni(II) complexes of ONN donor aroylhydrazone ligands: synthesis, spectral studies, and crystal structuresKuriakose, Mini; Kurup, Prathapachandra M.R.; Suresh, E.
Showing results 13 to 32 of 52
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