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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Biochemical responses of red alga Gracilaria corticata (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) to salinity induced oxidative stressManojkumar; Pujakumari; Gupta, Vishal; Reddy, C.R.K.; Jha, Bhavanath
27-Feb-2013Central metabolic processes of marine macrophytic algae revealed from NMR based metabolome analysis.Gupta, Vishal; Thakur, Rajendra Singh; Reddy, C. R. K.; Jha, Bhavanath.
10-Feb-2012Detection of epigenetic variations in the protoplast-derived germlings of Ulva reticulata using methylation sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP).Gupta, Vishal; Bijo, A J.; Kumar, Manoj; Reddy, C R K; Jha, Bhavanath
22-Jan-2013Detection of ionic liquid stable cellulase produced by the marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. isolated from brown alga Sargassum polycystumTrivedi, Nitin; Gupta, Vishal; Reddy, C R K; Jha, Bhavanath
2010Differential responses to cadmium induced oxidative stress in marine macroalga Ulva lactuca (Ulvales, Chlorophyta)Manojkumar; Pujakumari; Gupta, Vishal; Anisha, P.A.; Reddy, C.R.K.; Jha, Bhavanath
2011Growth and agarose characteristics of isomorphic gametophyte 1 (male and female) and sporophyte of Gracilaria dura and their marker assisted selectionGupta, Vishal; Baghel, Ravi S.; Kumar, Manoj; Kumari, Puja; Mantri, Vaibhav A.; Reddy, C.R.K.; Jha, Bhavanath
Oct-2013Inter/Intra-generic protoplast fusion and characterization of somatic hybrids in seaweedsGupta, Vishal
2011Minerals, PUFAs and antioxidant properties of some tropical seaweeds from Saurashtra coast of IndiaManoj kumar; Puja kumari; Trivedi, Nitin; Shukla, Mahendra K.; Gupta, Vishal; Reddy, C.R.K.; Jha, Bhavanath
2011Optimization of protoplast yields from the red algae Graci(Huds.) Papenfusslaria dura (C. Agardh) J. Agardh and G. verrucosaGupta, Vishal; Manojkumar; Pujakumari; Reddy, C.R.K.; Jha, Bhavanath
2012Purification and partial characterization of an extracellular alginate lyase from Aspergillus oryzae isolated from brown seaweedSingh, Ravindrapal; Gupta, Vishal; Pujakumari; Manojkumar; Reddy, C.R.K.; Prasad, Kamalesh; Jha, Bhavanath
2010Tropical marine macroalgae as potential sources of nutritionally important PUFAsPujakumari; Manojkumar; Gupta, Vishal; Reddy, C.R.K.; Jha, Bhavanath
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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