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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Comparative studies on performance of interpolymer and heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes for water desalination by electrodialysisShah, B.G.; Shahi, Vinod K.; Thampy, S.K.; Rangarajan, R.; Ghosh, P.K.
2010Cross-Linked Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Poly(acrylonitrile-co-2-dimethylamino ethylmethacrylate) Based Anion-Exchange Membranes in Aqueous MediaMahendrakumar; Singh, Shalini; Shahi, Vinod K.
2011Development of hybrid electrodialysis-reverse osmosis domestic desalination unit for high recovery of product waterThampy, Sreekumaran; Desale, Girish R.; Shahi, Vinod K.; Makwana, Babubhai S.; Ghosh, Pushpito K.
2007Electrochemical membrane reactor: In situ separation and recovery of chromic acid and metal ionsKhan, Jeeshan; Tripathi, Bijay P.; Shahi, Vinod K.
2007Electrochemical Membrane Reactor: Single-Step Separation and Ion Substitution for the Recovery of Lactic Acid from Lactate SaltsSaxena, Arunima; Gohil, G.S.; Shahi, Vinod K.
10-Apr-2008Electrochemical membrane reactor: Synthesis of quaternary ammonium hydroxide from its halide by in situ ion substitutionkumar, Mahendra; Tripathi, Bijay P.; Saxena, Arunima; Shahi, Vinod K.
2009Electro-Membrane Process for In Situ Ion Substitution and Separation of SalicylicAcid from its Sodium SaltBijay, Mahendrakumar; Tripathi, P.; Shahi, Vinod K.
2010Electro-membrane process for the separation of amino acids by iso-electric focusingMahendrakumar; Tripathi, Bijay P.; Shahi, Vinod K.
2011Functionalized biopolymer based bipolar membrane with poly ethylene glycol interfacial layer for improved water splittingMichael,Rajesh A.; Mahendrakumar; Shahi, Vinod K.
2008Functionalized Organic-Inorganic Nanostructured N-p-Carboxy Benzyl Chitosan-Silica-PVA Hybrid Polyelectrolyte Complex as Proton Exchange Membrane for DMFC ApplicationsTripathi, Bijay P.; Shahi, Vinod K.
2010Heterogeneous–homogeneous composite bipolar membrane for the conversion of salt of homologous carboxylates into their corresponding acids and basesMahendrakumar; Shahi, Vinod K.
2007Highly charged proton-exchange membrane: Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)- silica polyelectrolyte composite membranes for fuel cellsShahi, Vinod K.
27-Dec-2011Highly stable proton conducting nanocomposite polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) prepared by pore modifications An extremely low methanol permeable PEMTripathi, Bijay P.; Mahendrakumar; Shahi, Vinod K.
2008An improved process for separation of proteins using modified chitosan–silica cross-linked charged ultrafilter membranes under coupled driving forces Isoelectric separation of proteinsSaxena, Arunima; Tripathi, Bijay P.; Shahi, Vinod K.
2010Isoelectric Separation of Proteins using Charged Ultrafilter Membranes with Different Functionality under Coupled Driving ForcesSaxena, Arunima; Shahi, Vinod K.
13-May-2005Micellar-enhanced electrodialysis: Influence of surfactants onthe transport properties of ion-exchange membranesGohil, G.S.; Nagarale, R.K.; Shahi, Vinod K.; Rangarajan, R.
24-Nov-2012Mixed metal nanoparticles loaded catalytic polymer membrane for solvent free selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde in a reactorPrakash, S.; Charan, Chumki; Singh, Ajay K; Shahi, Vinod K.
2011Organic–inorganic nanocomposite polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cell applicationsTripathi, Bijay P.; Shahi, Vinod K.
2011Pb2+ selective and highly cross-linked zirconium phosphonate membrane by sol–gelSingh, Shalini; Patel, Parimal; Shahi, Vinod K.; Chudasama, Uma
2007pH controlled selective transport of proteins through charged ultrafilter membranes under coupled driving forces: An efficient process for protein separationSaxena, Arunima; Shahi, Vinod K.
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