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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Anomalous Reaction of Rh2(OAc)4-Generated Transient Carbonyl Ylides: Chemoselective Synthesis of Epoxy-Bridged Tetrahydropyranone, Oxepanone, Oxocinone, and Oxoninone Ring SystemsMuthusamy, Sengodagounder; Krishnamurthi, Janagiraman; Rao, Srinivasa; Babu, Arulananda; Suresh, Eringathodi
2012ansa-Ferrocene-Incorporated Calixpyrroles and Calixphyrins: Syntheses and Spectral/Structural CharacterizationRamakrishnan, S.; Anju, K. S; Thomas, Ajesh P; Gowri Sreedevi, K. C.; Salini, P. S; Derry Holaday, M. G; Suresh, Eringathodi; Srinivasan, A.
11-Sep-2013Conformational preference of Glycinamide in solution: An answer derived from combined experimental and computational studiesGanguly, Bishwajit; Kesharwani, Manoj K; Basarić, Nikola; Suresh, Eringathodi; Biswas, Abul Kalam; Mlinarić-Majerski, Kata
20-Jun-2005Formation of an Infinite 2D-Layered Water of (H2O)45Cluster in aCryptand-Water Supramolecular Complex: A Template EffecLakshminarayanan, P. S.; Suresh, Eringathodi; Ghosh, Pradyut
2006Highly Regio- and Chemoselective Ring Opening of Oxa-Bridged Piperidinones toward Functionalized Furanones and PiperidinesMuthusamy, Sengodagounder; Krishnamurthi, Janagiraman; Suresh, Eringathodi
2007Iron(III) Complexes of Tridentate 3N Ligands as Functional Models for Catechol Dioxygenases: The Role of Ligand N-alkyl Substitution and Solvent on Reaction Rate and Product SelectivityVisvaganesan, Kusalendiran; Mayilmurugan, Ramasamy; Suresh, Eringathodi; Palaniandavar, Mallayan
4-May-2012Mixed ligand Copper(II) complexes of N,N-Bis(benzimidazol-2-ylmethyl)amine (BBA) with diimine Co-Ligands: Efficient chemical nuclease and protease activities and cytotoxicity.Loganathan, Rangasamy; Ramakrishnan, Sethu; Suresh, Eringathodi; Riyasdeen, Anvarb; atcha; Akbarsha, Mohamad Abdulkadhar; Palaniandavar, Mallayan.
24-Nov-2006Multicomponent reactions involving tricyclooxonium ylide intermediate: diastereoselective synthesis of mono- and bisalkoxyoctahydro-1,4-benzodioxocin-6(5H)-one frameworks{Muthusamy, Sengodagounder; Krishnamurthia, Janagiraman; Suresh, Eringathodi
2007A New Tripodal Iron(III) Monophenolate Complex: Effects of Ligand Basicity, Steric Hindrance, and Solvent on Regioselective Extradiol CleavageMayilmurugan, Ramasamy; Suresh, Eringathodi; Palaniandavar, Mallayan
2006N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Catalyzed Reaction of Chalcones and Enals via Homoenolate: an Efficient Synthesis of 1,3,4-Trisubstituted CyclopentenesNair, Vijay; Vellalath, Sreekumar; Poonoth, Manojkumar; Suresh, Eringathodi
2005Reaction of Diaryl-1,2-diones with Triphenylphosphine and Diethyl Azodicarboxylate Leading to N,N-Dicarboethoxy Monohydrazones via a Novel RearrangementNair, Vijay; Biju, A.T.; Abhilash, K.G.; Menon, Rajeev S.; Suresh, Eringathodi
2006Selective Precipitation of Alkaline Earth Metal Cations with Dipicrylamine Anion: Structure–Selectivity CorrelationAgnihotri, Pragati; Patra, Subrata; Suresh, Eringathodi; Paul, Parimal; Ghosh, Pushpito K.
26-Jul-2012Spontaneous resolution of a Mixed-Ligand Nickel(II) coordination polymer with achiral precursors.Bisht, Kamal Kumar;; Suresh, Eringathodi
2007Supramolecular Helical Architectures Dictated by Folded and Extended Conformations of the Amino Acid in Ternary CuII/Diamine/Racemic Amino Acid ComplexesPalani, Sivagnana subramanian; Suresh, Eringathodi; Casella, Luigi
2006Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Cation-Binding Properties and the Influence of Intramolecular C–H···O Interactions on the Complexation Behaviour of a Family of Cone p-tert-Butylcalix[4]arene-crown-5 CompoundsAgnihotri, Pragati; Suresh, Eringathodi; Paul, Parimal; Ghosh, Pushpito K.
22-Aug-2006Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Cation‐Binding Properties and the Influence of Intramolecular C–H···O Interactions on the Complexation Behaviour of a Family of Cone p‐tert‐Butylcalix[4]arene‐crown‐5 CompoundsAgnihotri, Pragati; Suresh, Eringathodi; Paul, parimal; Ghosh, P.K.
2008Synthesis, structure, spectra and reactivity of iron(III) complexes of facially coordinating and sterically hindering 3N ligands as models for catechol dioxygenasesSundaravel, Karuppasamy; Dhanalakshmi, Thirumanasekaran; Suresh, Eringathodi; Palaniandavar, Mallayan
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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