Benefits of DRS

There are several benefits of Institutional Repositories like DRS.

  1. Promote Wider Access and Visibility - since the DRS is freely accessible on the Internet, any one have a chance to consult your work.

  2. Increase citation rate of your publications � Surveys have indicated that the open online access to the literature over Internet have appreciably higher citation rates than traditionally published articles*

  3. Enhance rapid communication of your research - You can post your pre-publication before the article is published. This increases the chance of getting it cited immediately (measured in terms of immediacy index)

  4. Encourage increased collaborative research projects and attract project grants

  5. Establish priority to your research findings and intellectual property, i.e. registering the work with a date stamp and identifier.

  6. Students and those who cannot have an access to the published literature, can easily access your research papers over Internet.

  7. Integrated view of your and institutional research - The publications are scattered over a large number of journals and external sources

  8. Preserves and provides long-term access - Your publication would be available on Internet forever!

  9. Harvesters bring users to your publications - Publications in IR immediately get cited/identified in global indexing and search services.

*Steve Lawrence. 2001. "Online or invisible?" Nature 411 (6837):521. Available at: